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A Gift of Massage

A Gift of Massage at BelssageA gift of massage is a great way to say, Thank you!, Congratulations!, Happy Birthday! and every occasion worthy of celebration, even just to say how much you care. Say it with a massage gift certificate. Contact 605-390-4461 to purchase.


I make every attempt to accommodate my clients by providing day, evening and weekend appointments. I am open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Call me at 605-390-4461 and let me know what works for you!


Belssage HoursConveniently located at 1719 West Main Street Suite 201 (view map) with free parking on site. Please call today at 605-390-4461 to schedule your appointment.

Massage and Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, massage is not only helpful physically but emotionally, because it soothes the soul and the mind. Massage Therapy enhances the immune system by increasing circulation as well as promoting relaxation and alleviating pain and anxiety associated with cancer and it’s treatments. I would like to help make this difficult time in your life a less traumatic experience for you with the power of massage.

Log on to http://cancer.org for information on treatment, support and other resources.